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Data Protection Officer Service (DPOaaS)

Outsource the role of data protection officer with us and get the immediate expertise you need



Outsourced DPO as a service is fast becoming the preferred staffing method to quickly cover the data protection officer role on a short to medium term basis for organisations.

Our DPO service has proven to be an ideal solution for companies needing to cover their compliance obligations when staffing challenges arise. Whether you’re hiring a DPO for the first time, looking for a replacement or supplementing existing resources, our clients can avoid coverage gaps caused by often lengthy recruitment processes for permanent staff. Whatever your situation or business driver, we can help. We provide support for all areas of a DPO’s roles and responsibilities including policy documentation, SAR support, DPIA’s, security and privacy architecture reviews, research, reporting, vendor assessments, incident response, training, PIMS program development, formal registration as your DPO and more.


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Our service offering doesn’t stop there, as part of our strong governance approach to data privacy, we will deliver a privacy management plan (PMP) and monthly privacy action plan (PAP) for strategic and operational deliverables with mappings to ISO 27701. Both plans feature monthly progress reports with KPI’s which can be shared with teams and senior management as evidence of actioned items and upcoming deadlines.

We will perform a privacy checkup on all your related policies and supporting documentation, record issues in the privacy action plan and close any gaps. In addtion, we will setup a privacy metrics dashboard (see more benefits section below) to track privacy KPI’s on an ongoing basis to ensure continual compliance and increase privacy maturity levels.

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DPO as a service (DPOaaS) is fast becoming the preferred staffing method to quickly cover the data protection officer role on a short term basis for organisations.

Our DPO service has proven to be an ideal solution for companies needing to cover their compliance obligations when staffing challenges arise. Whether you’re backfilling vacant roles or simply wanting to get immediate help while looking for permanent staff in an often lengthy recruitment process. Whatever your situation or business driver, we can help.

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Many firms find it difficult to fully justify the need or cost of a full time DPO while others may need interim coverage while a new or replacement DPO is hired in or trained up internally. Finding an available resource can also pose difficulties when one considers skills shortages and the getting the right blend of skillset. Necessary skills which might often seem as actual multiple roles wrapped into one when you consider the necessary technical savvy, security architecture knowledge, legal understanding, independent thinking, experience and the ability to communicate risk to the senior management level.

At Carlton we like to think we’re a good fit for many organisations while maintaining affordability, flexibility and forward momentum with GDPR compliance.


  • Outsourcing the DPO roles & responsibilities to us will help you get immediate support from a qualified expert

  • We can formally register as your DPO with the Data Protection Commission

  • Our comprehensive KRI dashboard reporting, ops & strategic action plans give you greater visibility and chances of continual full compliance

  • We can help you train up full time candidates for a permanent position

  • Using an external DPO will help you meet independent, impartial requirements of the role as defined by GDPR

  • Our service provides the necessary legal, technical, program management skills to drive sustainable compliance success

  • We can deliver a company wide GDPR awareness training program

  • We can assist with vendor / processor audits to limit your third party risk.


The DPO role is defined in GDPR under Article 37(1)(b) and in the EDPB guidelines for appointing a DPO. Statutorily they are required to;

  • Inform and advise you and your employees about your obligations to comply with the GDPR and other data protection laws;
  • To monitor compliance with the GDPR and other data protection laws, and with your data protection polices, including managing internal data protection activities; raising awareness of data protection issues, training staff and conducting internal audits;
  • To advise on, and to monitor, data protection impact assessments;
  • To cooperate with the supervisory authority; and to be the first point of contact for supervisory authorities and for individuals whose data is processed (employees, customers etc)

The DPO can be a full time person or contractor who should have an expert level of legal knowledge, be independent and have direct reporting to the board.


The tasks we cover in the role of a data protection officer are extensive as the position demands. An example of 10 key tasks we can help with include;

  1. Register as your data protection officer of record for formal contact with the data protection commission
  2. Help you attain ISO27701 privacy information management certification
  3. Provide targeted training or staff (HR / Marketing / AppDev etc)
  4. Perform Privacy impact assessments (PIA’s) on data processing systems
  5. Maintenance of records of processing activities (ROPA’s), risk register privacy risks
  6. Handle data subject access requests (DSAR’s) and complaints
  7. Perform data mapping to scan for personal data (PII and Sensitive PII) on a regular basis
  8. Manage privacy related incidents and breach notifications
  9. Advise stakeholders on legislative changes and privacy framework updates
  10. Assist AppDev teams in complying with privacy by design and secure coding practices.


A key deliverable of our service is reporting. Below is an example of a privacy metrics dashboard we are always happy to create for our clients. These types of monthly reports are particularly useful in demonstrating to senior management that privacy programs are being well monitored and as evidence of continuous improvement.

data privacy metrics dashboard


“We hired Paul as our interim data protection officer last year and fount that he had all round experience across a range of verticals and brought his knowledge and understanding of this critically important area to the benefit of our business. We are very happy with the project undertaken and the results will have lasting impact on our business. We look forward to working closely with them on other projects and are delighted to recommend him to other companies.”

DPO Solutions provided us with an excellent data protection officer service and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to others.

Mark R., Co-Op Bank

Past Customers


Some of our Past Customers


GDPR was introduced over 3 years ago and introduced many new requirements that companies are obliged to adopt and manage at pain of significant fines and sanctions for non-compliance.

In 2020 the Irish data protection commissioner issued it’s first fines to Tusla & Twitter and saw an increase in customer complaints by 9% over 2019 and increased it’s funding from €1.6 million to €16.9 million in anticipation of future investigations. Their latest report highlights their increased scrutiny of cookie use (based on e-Privacy law), direct marketing violations, employee monitoring issues, access requests and fair proecessing amongst other things.

For companies, meeting these new compliance obligations has been challenging as Mazars reporting bears this out in it’s recent GDPR survey. It reported that only 8% of firms consider themselves as fully compliant while 61% feel overwhelmed by administrative burden and 28% do not have basic record of documentation. Perhaps most importantly 71% of firms reported a personal data breach to authorities.

Other reporting from the Reuters 2020 cost of compliance report tells us that data protection is a top 3 challenge globally for compliance departments as the twin challenges of regulatory overhead and skills shortages hit hard. With this regulatory landscape in mind, it’s not surprising that firms are increasingly looking at all all options including outsourced services as a risk mitigation measure to “stay on top of things” in their approach to data protection.
This is where we see a value add to organisations who are rising to the challenge of GDPR. Our data protection officer service (DPOaaS) offers you a flexible approach to staffing your compliance function.

Our service offering provides you with a technical and legal savvy resource who can provide interim or extended period services on a competitive day rate basis. We can register as your DPO of record and handle all interactions with the DPC office and become a central point of contact for formal queries or complaints from customers.

Effective data privacy is based on a solid understanding of legal principles and effective communication. Communication with supervisory authorities, customers, processors and internal stakeholders at all levels of the organisation. This is an area we believe we excel in.

GDPR was introduced over 3 years ago and introduced many new requirements that companies are obliged to adopt and manage at pain of significant fines and sanctions for non-compliance….

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