Not all plans are the same, many web designers offer maintenance plans as a method to hook you in perpetuity to a plan with little evidence that anything is being done at all. No workpapers are provided for work actually performed, little or no communication and a feeling of disrespect on their part for your businesses.
Well, we like to do things a little differently. We believe that in order to really check a website, you need about 20 tasks to be performed on a monthly basis and that all those tasks are documented for review by you if you need to. We look at website performance from various reporting methods for changes over time, we also look at security logs for attempting hacking, problems with backups, SEO issues, indexing problems, ads campaign problems and other issues.
We also offer a ticketing system so you can submit and track problems which we try to respond to within an hour.  We believe that we offer better service, more transparency and greater technical support than anyone else in Ireland.