Trends in Logo Design 2021_2022

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July 18, 2021

Trends in Logo Design

AAnother year and like fashion more trends are set with a new range of interesting effects. On our list below are two sets of 5 logo design types which are in vogue this year.

image of skull with glitch effect

Design Set 1
From left to right is the Glitch effect as shown here as a skull and in the post title image with sideways visual distortion. Second, is an animated gif logo (Paypal example) often show as spinning objects or sliding intro text. Third is a shaded gradient logo which seems to be a ubiquitos style at the moment. Next is a an example of a geometric shape logo. These shapes often feature multiple shape types occupying positive or negative space. In this case a stacked lattice with a sideways cutout triangle on the right center area. Finally in this first design set is an example of cartoon animal characters in logos, in this case an animated gif .

image of an authentic portraitureexample of overlapping elements logoexample of black and white logoan example of custom fonts in logos

Design Set 2
In the second design set above we see another five styles which are popular in 2021. The first icon shows an example of an authentic caracture in a logo, often a sketch of the founder and the like. In the second logo we see an example of overlapping elements in a logo design. This reductive style is often cleverly used to transmit a brand name with symbols as shown in this case with the moon orbiting the earth.
The next icon ‘RealScout’ is an example of a growing trend in binary colours or nearly binary black and white colours. This high contrast style is cleverly used to grab the human eye’s attention and stand out from the crowd. The Johnny Cupcakes logo is an example of custom fonts used in logos. Often these fonts resemble other fonts such as fan script but with individual character variations, making them unique. The final icon shown here is an example of vivid or luminous colours used in icons which again is designed to attract attention. The effective use of gradients and shading has an eye popping effect on screens and in print.
Credit to the DesignSense Youtube channel for their video on Logo Trends in 2021 which inspired this article. Visit their channel to see more examples of each of the styles mentioned here.