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WordPress Maintenance Service

We help manage and maintain WordPress websites for your business. We provide monthly maintenance plans with a free initial site audit, convenient trouble ticket system and optional training ad-ons to give you the support you need, when you need it.


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WordPress Monthly Maintenance Service

What’s Included in The Monthly Plan?

  • All plugin, theme and core file updates
  • Backup monthly checks & instant restore if things go wrong
  • Site security checks, user logins/permission checks, firewall logs, spam, security alerts
  • Speed & error checks using industry monitoring tools
  • Checks on SSL certs, domain registration & plugin license renewals
  • Webspace / storage checks to ensure you stay online
  • Management to resolution of hosting provider tickets
  • A trouble ticket system, so you can raise issues and track resolution

eCommerce Management

Product catalogs and services can change rapidly in eCommerce environments. We can help manage single or bulk product updates, create graphics, adjust payment gateways and report on order history so you get the transparency you need.

Wordpress User Training
eCommerce Management

WordPress User Training

Need help with managing the WordPress backend? no problem. We can provide bespoke help with updating content on your site, managing monthly tasks and creating your own maintenance program.

What our Customers Say?

“We have used Carlton for web maintenance & development over the past few weeks and their attention to detail is second to none! I would recommend them for all web maintenance and development services.

Ruth Corrigan

Corrigan Card Payments

“Paul [from Carlton] is a tenacious and a knowledgeable mentor who has a great expertise in his field. It was a pleasure to work for him on and his ideas were always strong and futuristic. He is not only an inspiring coach but also a positive human being. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who wishes to use his services.

Aparna Radhakrishnan

Google, Dublin

Case Studies Carlton Web Solutions

Case Studies

Case Study Example 1

A national provider of fasteners and tools recently requested help from us with maintenance of their WordPress site after the departure of their website administrator. They requested that plugins be updated along with over 800 products plus variations in their online product catalog. They also requested 4 days of onsite training for two of their in-house team on maintenance of the site, page & product updates and order processing & refunds.


The website theme files were carefully rebuilt as the site had not been updated in quite awhile and had become unstable with several error messages. 38 plugin updates were applied 1 by 1 and expired licenses were renewed for plugins.
Some users were removed from the admin group and products with missing attributes such as images, descriptions or prices were updated.
Several other new plugins were installed such as spam control, web app firewall, WooCommerce order analytics, Google analytics and others to giver better transparency for site performance.
The cumulative effort also enabled their Google campaign ad to serve 95% of their products vs 45% before as missing product data was resolved.

Case Study Example 2

A national charitable foundation contacted us recently looking to change their current maintenance plan provider as they were unhappy with the current provider price and level of service.


After a face to face consultation and review of their current level of service, we agreed on a 20 point monthly inspection plan which would be delivered to the business owner at the end of every month in a health report.
We also detected problems with their payment gateway processing (due to invalid API credentials) which were remedied. Further, we conducted 2 days of content update and administration training for a junior staff member onsite. They now perform many day to day tasks that would have been outsourced in the past.

Why Maintenance is Important?

WordPress is a powerful platform with great features but it requires checks and updates every month to check for warnings, performance problems, plugin updates, backups and much more.

Site owners are often unaware of lurking problems presented by plugins not been updated, webspace running out, SSL/Domain reg expirations, backups not running, signs of hacking, site loading errors and more.

Anyone of the above issues can seriously degrade your site to the point of becoming unusable.

WordPress Maintenance Services


What’s different about our maintenance plan?2022-09-07T14:50:36+00:00

Not all plans are the same, many web designers offer maintenance plans as a method to hook you in perpetuity to a plan with little evidence that anything is being done at all. No workpapers are provided for work actually performed, little or no communication and a feeling of disrespect on their part for your businesses.
Well, we like to do things a little differently. We believe that in order to really check a website, you need about 20 tasks to be performed on a monthly basis and that all those tasks are documented for review by you if you need to. We look at website performance from various reporting methods for changes over time, we also look at security logs for attempting hacking, problems with backups, SEO issues, indexing problems, ads campaign problems and other issues.
We also offer a ticketing system so you can submit and track problems which we try to respond to within an hour.  We believe that we offer better service, more transparency and greater technical support than anyone else in Ireland.

How does the maintenance plan work?2022-09-07T14:30:58+00:00

Afer we conduct a free inspection of your site we analyse gaps and draw up a list of at least 20 maintenenance tasks to be performed on a monthly basis. We advice you on any new software that may need to be installed to allow all checks to be performed. Most checks have no cost other than initial installation time.
Monthly checks are documented with screenshots in word checklist document created for your website and provided via email or via dropbox. To start service, we require 1 month maintenance fee in advance.

How do I get support on your plan?2022-09-07T14:30:48+00:00

Getting support is easy when you sign up for our maintenance plan.  You will receive a customer ID at the start of service which you can use when raising a ticket on our support page.  You can set criticality and type of issue in the ticket and we will get back to you within the hour.


Do you offer more advanced support?2022-09-07T14:30:39+00:00

Absolutely, we regularly work on technical areas of WordPress when extra support required. This can range from extra features like media players and reporting tools, to content changes, ecommerce fixes and database work. We have a highly technical team with knowledge of a wide range of topics.

Do you provide any training services?2022-09-07T17:08:38+00:00

Yes, we provide WordPress training in several areas including on how to perform page/post updates, eCommerce updates, reporting in WordPress, WordPress maintenance, basic SEO, Google Ad campaigns and security. Training is customised to your website setup and can be delivered onsite or via Zoom and usually is adminstered in 2-3 hour modules at a time. Visit our  WordPress Training Page to learn more.
We also offer specialist training in security awareness for businesses with compliance needs, you can find more information on this on our Security Awareness Training page

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